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Fakta om Ilulissat i forbindelse med 280 års jubilæum

(Kun engelsksproget) Ilulissat formerly known as Jakobshavn were established as a colony by merchant Jacob Severin 280 years go today August 3rd 2021.
3. august 2021

Although there has always been people here, for many thousands of years, the first ones came with Saqqaq culture.

We're showing you text and pictures written and published in 1921, written by teacher/priest Hother Ostermann, who worked here at the present day museum, former seminary (Ajoqersuivissuaq) here in Ilulissat.

We have already asked if we should arrange something, but it was up to us, because the municipality only marked anniversaries in, if the anniversary year is with these digits 00, 25, 50, or 75.

Nevertheless we hope that you find these little celebrations wonderful and exciting. But we only have the book in Danish, and we're sorry about the that.

Congratulations Ilulissat <3

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Ilulissat museum

Anja Reimer
Museumsleder, Ilulissat